Invisalign has changed the lives of people all over the planet. People who fear that braces might damage their professional or social life can choose Invisalign instead and get amazing results without the social stigma.

With Invisalign, teeth problems can be corrected very subtly. The aligners are practically invisible, and they can correct a broad range of dental problems. Find out how Invisalign helped some real teens and adults correct their smiles and improve their lives.

Fred, a Teen Surfer

Sixteen-year-old Fred chose Invisalign because he didn’t want anyone else to know that he was having his teeth fixed. His parents agreed, and he started out with the first set of clear aligners. He felt like it was a hassle to take them out and put them back in at first, but he quickly adapted. Soon, handling the removal and cleaning at mealtime was second-nature to him; and when his aligners were in, he barely noticed them anymore. “You have to wear them for it to work,” he said.

The blue-eyed Australian teen is happy that Invisalign has allowed him to continue his active lifestyle. “I do a lot of sports activities, like surfing,” Fred says. “If I had braces, I reckon I’d be more worried about it in the surf. Some of my mates have showed me the cuts on their lip from their braces, and I’m so glad that hasn’t happened to me!”

Sandra, a Business Owner

Sandra, who lives in California with her young daughter Darla, runs her own business. “When I was little, I had a gap; I was teased a lot,” she says, choking back tears. “It was very painful going to school every single day and having these kids talk about it.” The children at Sandra’s middle school were cruel to her, criticising her looks and specifically her gap on a daily basis.
Sandra got married, but shortly after her daughter’s birth she noticed that her jaw seemed to be getting larger. “My jaw grew out and it pushed my teeth out, so I chose to get Invisalign. I always get compliments on my smile now,” she says, flashing a beautiful grin. “I’m happy, confident— I’m finally secure.”

Danielle, a Musician and Animal Lover

Danielle was in high school when she got Invisalign. She and her twin sister switched to a new school in eighth grade. Everyone would identify Danielle as the “twin with the gap.” The space between her front teeth bothered Danielle, and she longed for a perfect smile like her sister’s. Instead of showing her teeth in pictures, she would cover her mouth with her hand while smiling.
When she started Invisalign, Danielle’s friends quickly noticed a difference. She was diligent about wearing her trays, and her teeth moved quickly into the ideal positions. “I love Invisalign Teen,” says Danielle. “It has given me the confidence to be myself.” As a pet owner, a lover of animals, and a budding pianist, she feels that her new, beautiful smile will be an asset to her no matter which career she chooses to pursue.

Changing Your Story

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Source: Success Stories