The clear aligners from Align Technology are useful for much more than straightening out a few crooked teeth for aesthetic purposes. According to a 2009 case report, Invisalign is a helpful tool for patients with periodontal issues or systemic disease as well. Discover how the dentists involved were able to improve a woman’s quality of life using Invisalign.

A Disease Discovered

A 61-year-old woman came to her dentist for relief from some oral discomfort and aesthetic issues related to her smile. The dentists discovered that the woman has Werlhof disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes bleeding. Because of the disease, it was too dangerous for the dentists involved to use any invasive techniques, for fear of causing a subcutaneous hemorrhage.

A Critical Situation

Unfortunately, the woman was suffering from terrible crowding of the teeth, a crossbite, loosening teeth, inflammation, and significant bone loss— a complex array of issues that normally may have required surgical intervention on some level. Dental implants and other surgical options were not possible in her case, so the team had to get creative with other options.

The Invisalign Solution

To correct the positioning of the teeth and offer the woman a more pleasing smile and a more comfortable bite, the dental team decided to use Invisalign. With the Invisalign clear aligners, they could gently move the teeth to the new positions without causing bleeding or risking further harm to the teeth or the patient.

Stabilisation and Inflammation Reduction

First, the woman underwent periodontal therapy to reduce the inflammation in her mouth and to stabilise the teeth that were loose. A couple of her front teeth were reduced a bit to improve the bite, after which the team designed the first set of Invisalign trays. The patient wore them about 18 hours each day and came back for regular visits. She also maintained her oral hygiene during the process to keep her teeth and gums healthy during the transitional phase.

The Path to Success

Using Align Technology’s proprietary Clin-Check software, the team of dentists and orthodontists were able to see what the treatment’s final results would be, as well as a map of the stages and tray designs necessary to get there. It took just three aligners to achieve the end result— a much straighter and more pleasing smile, accomplished in spite of the patient’s disease. Along with some splinting and other minor treatments, the patient was able to leave the clinic with a healthier mouth and a set of even, straight teeth.

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Original Source: “Invisalign Treatment in periodontal patient: case report,” by A. BARLATTANI, JR., G. MAMPIERI, L. OTTRIA, and P. BOLLERO, December 2009.