Weight Loss-The-Secret-Side-Benefit-of-Invisalign

Invisalign has many positive aspects compared to braces. One of the most appealing traits is its near-invisible design, which allows you to have your smile makeover done without attracting a lot of attention from other people. However, a recent article on EMaxHealth.com highlights another little-known benefit— Invisalign can help you lose weight.

The Perils of Snacking and Sugary Drinks

Many people in the world feel that they are overweight, and they wish they could lose those extra pounds. One of the biggest challenges facing overweight individuals is the temptation to snack throughout the day.

Imagine a young woman named Jin-Ru who wants to reach a healthier weight. She eats a carb-rich breakfast, then grabs a high-calorie specialty coffee from a local coffee shop on her way to work.

At the office, she grabs a quick mid-morning snack, then another. She lingers over her lunch, ordering dessert in addition to the meal. The afternoon at the office seems to drag, and she feels tired, so she buys another sugary coffee drink and a snack to help her get through the time.

After work, Jin-Ru goes home for dinner with her family. After dinner, she enjoys more snacks while watching her favourite TV programmes.

How Invisalign Can Help

It’s easy to see how the consumption of sugary drinks and snacks throughout the day contributes to Jin-Ru’s weight problem; and the same issues affect men and women of all ages. However, the use of Invisalign can discourage that excessive snacking and drinking.

As your Singapore Invisalign provider will tell you, the Invisalign trays are meant to be worn throughout the day and during the night. The more you wear your clear aligners, the faster your teeth will reach the shape and orientation that you want. In most cases, patients need to wear their aligners 20-22 hours each day. That leaves just 2-4 hours for eating and drinking.

You are not allowed to eat with your clear aligners in, and you must not drink anything but water while they are in your mouth. Other drinks, such as coffee, soda, alcohol, or tea, can stain the aligners permanently and make your teeth look yellow or brown. If your goal with wearing the aligners was to maintain your normal look while having your teeth adjusted, you’ll be disappointed with the way stained aligners can ruin your smile.

The Invisalign Lifestyle Change

It’s important to take the aligners out each time you wish to consume anything but water. In Jin-Ru’s case, she might take her aligners out in the morning to clean them, eat breakfast, and brush her teeth. Since she won’t be allowed any snacks, she must plan to have a healthy, filling breakfast that will give her the energy she needs until lunch. She must cut out mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, and she will be forced to drink more water instead of relying on sugary drinks. When she removes her clear aligners for lunch and dinner, it can only be for half an hour or 45 minutes, depending on how long she had them out in the morning. While she is watching TV, she’ll have her Invisalign trays in, so she won’t be able to snack as usual.

Your Invisalign Provider in Singapore

While Invisalign is primarily intended as a method for straightening teeth and correcting bite issues, it can have the side effect of weight loss and healthier eating habits. If you’re interested in correcting your smile with Invisalign, contact Orchard Scotts Dental, a Singapore dental clinic and respected Invisalign provider. We’ll set up an appointment for you so you can consult with an experienced Singapore dentist about your oral health.

Source: Emax Health, 4 April, 2016