A recent study reviewed the popularity and effectiveness of the Invisalign technology and methods, particularly when it comes to adults with complex oral health issues. The study explored multiple cases of adults with orthodontic needs and discovered that in all cases, Invisalign was quite effective in correcting the problems. Take a closer look at these findings and discover how an Invisalign provider in Singapore may be able to aid you or a family member.

The Reluctance

For many adults, orthodontic treatment is associated with youth, specifically the teenage years. Adults envision traditional braces and appliances, metal wires and brackets. They balk at having to sport a mouth full of metal when they speak at conferences, attend board meetings, present new products, or introduce services to clients. Aesthetically, it’s just not a good idea. While some people would be willing to overlook the braces on an adult, others would find it difficult to overcome the stigma associated with braces.

The Alternative

Fortunately, modern technology offers an alternative. Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners, adults can now receive orthodontic treatment less noticeably. The aligners are transparent and practically invisible. The patient receives new aligner trays periodically throughout treatment, adjusted to fit the new shape of the teeth and designed to move those teeth even further until they reach the right spot. Adults can get a new smile gradually, without having to wear braces for weeks or months.

The Authors of the Study

The recent study about Invisalign for adults with pre-restorative concerns was conducted by Aldo Giancotti and Gianluca Mampieri. According to their research, Invisalign is highly successful for a number of different issues, thanks to the premium bio-mechanical features of each tray. The Invisalign system also promotes excellent oral hygiene, since users have to remove the trays to eat and must brush and floss carefully before replacing them.

The Case Studies

One case cited in the study was that of a 41-year-old man with a missing molar and a malocclusion. Because of the crowding and malocclusion, he needed his teeth to be moved over and straightened before his dentist could place an implant for the missing molar. However, this individual didn’t want his treatment plan to impact his appearance in any significant way, making him the ideal candidate for Invisalign. All the initial goals of the treatment were met using Invisalign, thanks to the patient’s cooperation; his open bite was closed, and space was created for the dental implant.

A similar case involved a 37-year-old woman with a missing lower molar, crowding, and tilted teeth. With the use of Invisalign trays, her dentist corrected the inclination, widened the upper arch, and made room for an implant.

Your Future

If you believe that you or someone you know may benefit from orthodontic or pre-restorative treatment with Invisalign, contact Orchard Scotts Dental today. As a top Invisalign provider in Singapore, our offices have cutting-edge equipment and skilled Singapore dentists who have plenty of experience with Invisalign tech. After a thorough review of your case and your oral health, your dentist can let you know if you’re a good candidate for a smile makeover with Invisalign.



Original Source: “Invisalign technique in the treatment of adults with pre-restorative concerns,” study by Gianluca Mampieri and Aldo Giancotti, Dental Tribune, October 2013.