Singapore has entered phase 2 of post-Circuit Breaker re-opening for a while now. With this, businesses have started opening up with firm safety measures in place. The Ministry of Health has also given orders to dental clinics and practitioners to resume their services while minimising aerosol generation as much as they can.

Safe distancing principles mandate that people stay at least one metre away from each other, and no more than five people can gather at a time. Such limited social interactions have taken a toll on the way we meet and greet; it has proven difficult for many people to become social again in the wake of the circuit-breaker.

Many Singaporeans are experiencing post-lockdown anxiety, and it is imperative that we deal with this issue by becoming confident in ourselves and in our ability to socialize.

Start by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep, and planning this next chapter of your life ahead with a big smile. As we return to normalcy, flashing those pearly whites can boost your mental health by making you feel good about yourself.

Orchard Scotts Dental Is Back To Brighten Your Smile

Smiling has been proven to improve your mood and relieve stress as it releases mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. With the lockdown restricting the public to their homes, coupled with the disrupted work-life schedule, the chaotic situation might have led you to neglect your oral hygiene.

At Orchard Scotts Dental, we believe an aesthetic smile is your biggest asset that can not only lift your mood but also relaxes others around you – exactly what we need after this circuit breaker.

We offer holistic smile makeover services with all the safety measures in place as directed by the Ministry of Health.

Now, are you ready to greet your friends and loved ones, post circuit breaker? Then we have got the right smile makeover for you.

Common Cosmetic Issues That Affect Your Smile

Some people feel reluctant about smiling as they are not confident with their smiles due to some cosmetic issues. The unappealing appearance of teeth is linked to a reduction in self-esteem levels, especially in young adults.

Following are some of these common problems and how Orchard Scotts Dental can help you in fixing them with our signature smile makeover solutions.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can hurt a person’s confidence, keeping them from looking and feeling their best, and thus affecting their social skills. Not to mention, this issue can also lead to problems with chewing and speech.

To fix this, Orchard Scotts Dental offers dental implant treatments that make your smile whole again. It is a safe procedure that won’t inflame your gums or exerts pressure on the neighbouring teeth.

These implants look so authentic that nobody will be able to tell the difference between an implant and your real teeth.

Misaligned/Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can dampen the effect of your bright, flashing smile.

Also, it is hard to maintain hygiene in the case of crooked and misaligned teeth. This can lead to further complications such as plaque cavities, gum diseases, and root canals.

To help you get a visually appealing smile, we offer traditional braces and Invisalign, which is a plastic aligner system for managing misaligned teeth.

Stained Or Yellow Coloured Teeth

This is the most common dental problem in the world. Your teeth can become discoloured due to several reasons, such as consuming stain-inducing drinks such as coffee, smoking, or aging.

To help you achieve a white smile, we offer three types of teeth whitening treatments: Beauty white, Glamour white, and Pageant white. They consist of regular whitening sessions that differ in the intensity of the treatment process.

Chipped Teeth

Biting into hard foods or an unfortunate accident can result in chipped teeth. But the good news is that they can be treated in a matter of days.

We offer several treatment options for chipped teeth; these include bonding and porcelain veneers. Bonding is used to treat minor cases with small defects, while veneers can treat major frontal cosmetic issues.

Gummy Smile

Even the lease attractive smiles can be beautiful again with Gum Laser Contouring

A gummy smile refers to an overbalanced ratio of teeth and gum display where the gums show more than they should. This makes your teeth look chipped or incomplete.

To fix a gummy smile, Orchard Scotts Dental offers laser gum recontouring procedures that correct your gummy smile without the need for surgery. For significant issues, we offer orthodontic jaw surgeries that completely reposition your jaw if the need be.

Get The Perfect Smile With Our Smile Makeover Solutions

Smile confidently with confidence

At Orchard Scotts Dental, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive treatment procedures for cosmetic and non-cosmetic issues.

Our dentists treat your aesthetic issues to give you the most youthful, bright, white, beautiful smile. We also offer exclusive access to Straumann dental implants as well as Invisalign services to our esteemed clients in Singapore.

So are you ready to go back to a more social world with a perfect smile? Get in touch today or browse through our signature dental services.