Nisa Abd Rahim

Dental Hygienist

Upon graduating with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy in 2018, Nisa first worked with Health Promotion Board as a registered Oral Health Therapist to provide dental care and guidance to students from Preschool to Secondary for 2-years.

She has later since extended into the private sector as a Dental Hygienist where she has found continuous valuable learning and growth, both as a person and a clinician.

During her years working with both children and adults, her greatest fulfilment has always come from being able to provide comfort and care to patients so that they may return to the dental chair with their fears dispelled and with a healthier smile; sticking by her go-to quote: “A Healthy Smile Starts with You”.

Apart from dental work, she has also translated her interest in, working with, and providing for others through volunteering. She also enjoys watching films, writing and dabbling in the digital arts during her downtime. Despite her reserved nature, she definitely won’t shy away should you indulge her with a conversation or a simple hi if you ever catch her around in her cat-print cap.