Carissa has always been bothered by the uneven gum line and also the size of her teeth ever since she has completed her orthodontic (braces) treatment with her dentist. She would like to rectify that and at the same time improve her smile by correcting the shape/colour/ size of her teeth at one go.

After winning the title of Miss Universe Singapore, she came and sought the opinion from us. We designed a smile that’s customised to Carissa’s facial proportions so that we can elevate her smile to another level.

Treatment Provided:

By utilising 10 bespoke OSD Smiles Porcelain Veneers. We were able to provide Carissa with the smile that she always wanted.

Carissa has now gain confidence for her new smile and is ready to rock the final stage of Miss Universe while showing off her bright smile! 

Carissa Yap <br>(Winner of 2022)</br>

The Smile Makeover Journey