Bright, white, straight, perfectly shaped teeth – who doesn’t dream about an impeccable Hollywood smile? Unfortunately, the dream remains unachievable for many. Whether it’s due to the lack of knowledge or because of financial considerations, so many Singaporeans refrain from seeking out smile enhancement opportunities.

It’s time to deal with all the misconceptions and the false information circulating in all kinds of media.

Our very own Dr Jerry Lim and Dr Christopher Ho are going to talk to you about lifelike composite restoration – what is it, what it accomplished and who is it suitable for.

Lifelike Composite Restoration. What’s That?

Very often, conventional cosmetic dentistry could cause damage to teeth because of invasive conventional crown and veneer use. Modern dentistry provides excellent alternatives that are minimally invasive. What does this mean? Not only do the techniques result in an impeccable smile, they also maintain optimal dental health.

In their webinar, Dr Jerry Lim and Dr Christopher Ho will take a look at several cases and highlight the amazing procedures used each time to achieve a stellar result. From whitening to direct resin artistry and the magical finishing touches, Dr Christopher and Dr Jerry will reveal some of the cosmetic dentistry secrets you’re probably curious about.

The When and How: Signing Up for the Webinar

The Easily Achievable Life-Like Composite Restorations: Expert Clinical Tips & Tricks webinar is scheduled to take place on November 28, 2020, at 3pm Singaporean time.

You’re more than welcome to sign up for the event here.

Not only will you get a detailed lecture on the topic, the webinar will provide interactive opportunities to ask questions and have them answered by highly experienced professionals. We can’t wait to “meet” you and talk to you about the perfect smile!