The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Many people decide to embark on a dental treatment plan with a dental clinic in Singapore because they wish to achieve the perfect smile­ straight, aligned, pearly white teeth that make them feel they look their best. But aside from cosmetic factors, there are so many reasons as to why a person should opt to aim for straightened teeth. We have compiled a list of these benefits.­ Read on to discover some of the amazing effects of having straight teeth!

1. Boost that Self Esteem

This is one of the main reasons that any person strives for straight teeth­ – the boosted levels of self-esteem that come with a perfect smile! Scientific studies have actually proven that smiling is intensely beneficial for both our physical and our mental health. Fixing your teeth gives you the confidence you need in order to flash that smile all day long.

2. Better Brushing

Dental malocclusions can cause a host of problems. For example, crowded teeth or overlapping teeth can trap food particles between them, making it more difficult for patients to maintain optimal dental hygiene and health. Straight teeth are far easier to brush and floss than are their crooked counterparts; straight teeth makes a healthy mouth more easy to achieve than ever before!

3. Better Health for the Whole Body

Straightened teeth do not only increase your dental health. In fact, straight teeth contribute to an overall better health. That’s because straight teeth are easier to take care of with flossing and brushing; better oral hygiene prevents tooth decay; tooth decay and gum disease contribute to heart disease and high blood sugar. Therefore, your straight teeth are helping to fight against heart disease and high blood sugar­. Talk about a reason to smile!

4. Eat with Ease

Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth can cause a patient to experience difficulties with chewing and eating. These dental malocclusions might render a patient unable to properly chew their food into smaller pieces; this, in turn, can lead to digestive problems. Straight, aligned teeth allow a patient to properly chew and digest food.

5. Speak with Clarity

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and other tooth problems can sometimes cause a person to experience speech difficulty. Dental malocclusions are one of the reasons that a person may develop a speech impediment. A speech impediment can lead a person to become self-conscious: a child may refrain from speaking at school, thereby decreasing their academic performance; an adult’s speech impediment may impact their workplace confidence. Straight teeth allow a person to be able to speak with clarity and ease, thereby increasing their confidence and performance. Straightened teeth allow clear speech.

As you can see, straight teeth are hugely beneficial to a person’s confidence, well-being, and overall health. That is the amazing dentists at Orchard Scotts Dental are so proud to be able to offer our patients top of the line dental technology: Invisalign treatment. Invisalign Aligners are an invisible, plastic alternative to clunky, painful braces. Invisalign Aligners are formatted specially for your teeth, are easy to take care of, and are painless to use. Orchard Scotts Dental is an Align Technology certified practice­ we are thrilled to be able to offer our patients the ability to straighten their teeth, and change their lives!