For generations, human beings have understood that appearance is a key component of human relationships. A recent survey published by Clujul Medical adds weight to that concept, thanks to research using illustrated questionnaires. Discover how different areas of the face affect a viewer’s impression of someone when seeing them for the first time.

The Goal of the Study

The study was an extensive, complex one, with the aim of gauging how specific facial features impact one’s opinion about whether or not someone is attractive. The study also reviewed how other factors like gender, culture, and age affect the perception of beauty or attractiveness.

The Participants in the Study

A group of dental students, 236 juniors and sophomores of varying nationalities, were chosen to participate in the research. Both genders were included in the group — 111 males and 125 females.

The Central Image and the Questionnaire

The participants received a simple, 5-item survey with illustrated questions. The illustrations were all based on one primary image, the face of a beautiful person, whose photo was selected by a panel of students. The original image was of a young woman with a nearly perfectly symmetrical, beautifully proportioned face.

For the study, this central image was tweaked and altered using Photoshop CS3 software. With the help of the software, the research team changed various aspects of the face, such as the proportions and symmetry. In some photos they stretched the central third of the face; in others, they extended or compressed the lower third or upper third of the face. The altered images showed up in the amphitheatre where the survey was conducted, and the students were asked to respond.

The Results of the Study

Among numerous other interesting results, the researchers found that 39.41 percent of respondents chose the eyes as being the most relevant feature when gauging a person’s facial attractiveness. According to over 30 percent of the students, the smile is a primary factor for determining whether or not a person is beautiful. Of course, the respondents mentioned facial symmetry, harmonious feature composition, and proportional structure of the face; but when it came to the defining features, the eyes and the smile won out as the most important elements.

What Does the Study Mean for You?

The way you look to others is partly dependent on your facial structure and your eyes, but that first impression is also about your smile. Your teeth are a visible, noticeable element of your face and if they look crooked, stained, or broken, people notice. Unfortunately, your social and professional life can suffer because of an unpleasant smile.

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Original Source: “Facial Attractiveness Assessment Using Illustrated Questionnaires,” Anca Mesaros, Daniela Cornea, Liviu Ciora, Diana Dudea, Michaela Mesaros, and Mindra Badea, Clujul Medical, January 2015.