With 1 out of 5 Americans feeling anxiety and an unsettling impact on their mental wellbeing due to the condition of their teeth, the surge in the desire to receive corrective treatment is understandable. When considering options for teeth alignment, people often have queries related to the cost-effectiveness in terms of value provided by the various treatments available in the market.

Owing to advancements in dental technology, the orthodontic aligner market is experiencing a surge in tele-dentistry as new startups shift their services online.

Align Technology, which previously held a monopoly in clear aligner tech, has served over 6 million satisfied patients. However, it currently faces competition from companies based on a direct-to-consumer business structure. In-mail businesses offer inexpensive products developed around the concept of user facilitation, and reduced overhead costs.

With over 23% Americans feeling embarrassment in social situations due to poor dental conditions, in-mail companies promise to break existing barriers faced by individuals intending to attain dental services. These include inflated cost of in-clinic treatments and need for costly professional consultations, medicines, and dental gear.

Invisalign however offers benefits far outweighing its cost of procedure; it provides a lasting positive impact on orthodontic conditions, despite the notion that it offers little flexibility to manage progress by the individual themselves. With new startups offering in-mail delivery of bigger smiles at a fraction of the cost; a critical question arises, is a little convenience worth risking the future of your teeth?

Similarities & Differences Between Invisalign & In-mail Oral Services

At face value, both services may seem identical; smooth aligner-trays help create movement in the teeth of approximately ¼-millimeters to reposition them in a predetermined fashion. Both are removable, resulting in effective oral hygiene; while studies state aligning trays lower risk of accumulation of plaque and gingival inflammation. However, major differences lie in the tray design, cost structure, and business model, which directly impact the long term visual results.

DIY in-mail services offer flexible payment plans, costing as cheap as $750, yet this benefit may be offset by a generic one-fits-all tray designs. Invisalign trays are scalloped on top, highly customised to uniquely fit a mouth. It provides a better fit on teeth, leaving less chances of error, unlike that experienced in DIY in-mail kits.

The costs and maintenance of Invisalign varies, depending on the intensity and duration of the procedure. However, this includes professional assessment by qualified and seasoned dental professionals, closely following the in-clinic monitoring of the alignment’s progress.

Although both pose as far progressive treatment options in terms of flexibility, comfort, and hygiene to metal braces, in-mail oral services are well suited for mild to moderate levels of dental complexity. Teeth requiring highly complex and technical repositions or bite restructures cannot be catered to by these methods. In-mail oral services thus emerge as a constrained alternative to in-clinic based treatments.

Why Invisalign Is A Better Choice

In-Depth In-Clinic Checkups

In-mail aligner services eliminate the need for visiting professional orthodontists and dentists for in-clinic checkups. These remotely connect patients to dental professionals while Invisalign entails regular in-person consultations and getting Invisalign in Singapore should not be something constrained by distance since it is a small country after all. Periodic check-ins allow for adjustment to the treatment plan, reducing risk of misaligned teeth, or issues such as adverse gum conditions and dental decay. The ADA strongly discourages the public from using in-mail services, passing a resolution highlighting the risks possible due to the lack of professional supervision.

Better Teeth Conditions With Supervision

Improper guidance and incorrect use of clear aligners can lead to problems such as erosion of enamel, bite problems, and even tooth loss in worst case scenarios. The AAO reports a whopping 13% of orthodontists catering to patients suffering from irreparable damage post-usage of DIY aligning kits; a significant enough number to emphasise the red flags raised by such treatments.

Better Control Over Variability Of Results

Invisalign offers better control over results from inception to completion of the process. DIY services may require users to self-measure and create molds, leaving ample room for error. Inaccurate impressions can delay results, misalign the teeth further, and cause mild-to-major discomfort.


Although there are benefits to acquiring in-mail kits to realign your teeth, they do not provide the possibility of definite results, exclusive of errors. Unsupervised progress can lead to irreparable damage and misaligned teeth.

Moving teeth without an extensive assessment of gum and dental conditions, prior to wearing aligning trays can lead to tooth loss and gum disorders. These may require costly treatments, offsetting any savings made by opting for cheap DIY treatments.

Putting your trust in a qualified and seasoned dentist can help prolong and improve the health of your mouth and gums. At Orchard Scotts Dental, an aesthetic dental clinic, we specialize in non-invasive treatments, such as Invisalign – ensuring minimal tooth extractions. 

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