According to conclusive evidence available from a scientific study conducted on Invisalign, the treatment emerges as an effective approach to teeth alignment in comparison to traditional procedures.

This may be in lieu of various reports suggesting the in-clinic Invisalign treatment being suitable for both, mild and complex cases. It is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal braces that safely straightens dental arches, premolar rotational movements, extrusion of maxillary incisors, and overbite control.

Invisalign, however, requires some commitment on the patients’ part to deliver notable results. It also requires a little extra care when managing and maintaining the kit and teeth. There are certain things that you need to careful about with Invisalign and through out the duration of the treatment.

Having said that, here are some beneficial tips for Invisalign patients.

1 – Fitting Related Issues? Skip The Hacks & Seek Professional Consultation

It is fairly common for new patients to experience a slight pulling force in their gums after completing their first Invisalign session. This feeling usually wears off as the mouth and teeth begin to get used to the new conditions. Some patients have also reported soreness and discomfort around the edges of their gums; where the top of the aligner trays meet the flesh.

For temporary relief, patients are typically advised to rub wax on the troublesome edges, or file the aligner trays. However, these hacks are more often known to alter the shape of the trays, affecting the progress of the aligning process.

It is advised that you schedule an appointment with your dentist and seek professional help when experiencing discomfort. Your dental professional will thoroughly evaluate your condition, and identify the source of comfort. For most cases, the dentist simply adjusts the fit and design of the tray.

2 – Remove Trays Only When Necessary

The progress and results brought forth by the Invisalign treatment are purely based on patient compliance, with variations in recommended usage times likely to slow down, or quicken the aligning process. It is recommended to wear the treatment trays for at least 20 continuous hours a day, whereas 22-hours are suggested for optimal results.

Eating necessitates removal of aligner trays for hygiene reasons, and for patients’ ease, the trays can be removed up to three times a day. However, removal periods must not exceed over 40 minutes. Limit the removal time for vital tasks only, such as brushing, eating, or flossing, and remember to wear them again as soon as possible after concluding a thorough dental cleaning regime. 

3 – Always Carry a Cleaning Kit

It is not discouraged to drink fluids while wearing Invisalign aligner trays; however, beverages such as tea, coffee or juices when consumed with a straw can contaminate the trays; requiring a thorough cleaning process. To decontaminate the trays, start with brushing the exterior shell with a gentle toothbrush and warm water, gradually moving to the interior inlay, scrubbing it with a back and forth brushing movement. Avoid using toothpaste to clean your Invisalign trays, since abrasive ingredients can result in a murky colour, giving the appearance of yellowed teeth.

Wearing aligner trays on dirty teeth can trap bacteria, leading to periodontal issues. During travel, work, or leisure, patients cannot be expected to brush after every meal, which is why it is useful to carry a cleaning kit.

4 -Avoid Quick-Fix Devices

Patients eager to achieve aesthetic results quickly often fall prey to the unfound claims of several different devices devices in the market. These devices target an ill-informed audience and drain their savings through quick-fix scams. It is important to note that teeth alignment therapy is a highly technical process, and one that requires the expertise and care of a thorough professional.

DIY in-mail aligner tray use is strongly discouraged by the ADA , and said to carry definite risks causing irreparable damage. Vibrational-stimulus-causing orthodontic devices claiming to quicken the Invisalign treatment process also lack any conclusive evidence in clinical studies, deeming their claims of accelerating the alignment process dubious. It is important to only invest time and finances in treatments backed up by research.

Invisalign treatments require commitment and care on part of the patients. Practicing unprofessional hacks or neglecting oral health or may result in deterioration of tooth and gum conditions, with possible chances of developing tooth loss or decay.

Studies suggest receiving preventive dental treatments can enhance the value of dental treatments. To receive Invisalign treatment in Singapore suited to your needs, a consultation with an experienced dental professional can get you on your way to exceptional results.

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