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One of the key benefits of Invisalign is the transparent, nearly invisible nature of its aligners. However, a recent study reveals that many clear aligners, including Invisalign, are susceptible to staining, which can mar the “invisible” effect. Find out more about the study and its surprising results.

Three Different Aligner Systems

The research team decided to test three different clear aligner systems— Angelalign, Smartee, and Invisalign. Aligners from each system were immersed in staining solutions, including red wine, black coffee, and black tea. Each of these substances are well known to cause staining for tooth enamel, as well as affecting the appearance of aligner materials. As a control, one aligner from each system was placed in a container of distilled water. All the aligners soaked in their respective solutions for 12 hours, and then for 7 days.

Results of the Test

Using an internationally standardised colour system, infrared spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy, the researchers investigated the resulting changes to the colour and structure of each aligner after the 12-hour mark. All the aligners showed slight colour changes, but the Invisalign trays showed higher levels of coffee stain.

After being soaked for 7 days, all of the aligners revealed additional staining and some changes to their surface and chemical differences due to prolonged exposure to the wine, coffee, and black tea. Again, the Invisalign aligners showed a propensity to stain more deeply when soaked in coffee.

Application for Users

The aligners held their own surprisingly well, especially against the black tea and red wine. However, if users subject their aligners to frequent sips of coffee, dark tea, or red wine throughout the day or evening, staining will definitely occur. Invisalign users who love coffee should be especially careful to remove their aligners while drinking the beverage.

Superior Quality of Invisalign

In spite of its propensity for coffee staining, Invisalign remains the top choice for people who want a smile makeover in Singapore. Align Technology, the company that produces Invisalign, has invested decades of careful research and development into the system, resulting in aligners that are comfortable, effective, and practically invisible.

Guidelines for Aligner Maintenance

If users follow the guidelines for aligner care, they should not experience any staining of their Invisalign trays. Those guidelines including removing the trays when eating or when drinking anything but water. Plus, patients need to brush their teeth thoroughly after eating or drinking, before putting the aligners back in. This practise keeps the trays clean, clear, and fresh, as well as developing healthy habits for dental hygiene both during the treatment and for later in life.

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Study can be downloaded here: Colour stabilities of three types of orthodontic clear aligners exposed to staining agents

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