In the past, dental work and orthodontics were primarily for children and teens. Parents paid for their kids’ crooked teeth to be fixed; they did not often seek cosmetic dentistry for themselves. However, new trends in cosmetic dentistry show that more and more adults are spending money to get their own smiles perfected.

The Old Story

Just a couple of decades ago, teenagers were usually the ones seen with brackets and wires all over their teeth. They would go through the discomfort and the teasing, and finally the braces would come off and there would be a beautiful smile underneath all the metal.

The kids would be given retainers to wear at night, to keep the teeth from resuming their original crooked positions. Of course, after a year or two, the teens would go to college, where their retainers were worn less and less often at night; and gradually, the teeth would begin to turn and tilt as they used to.

A Second Chance

Decades later, those same teens who neglected to wear their retainers during their university years are looking in the mirror and realising just how far their teeth have migrated. As they reach middle age, these individuals are deciding to go back to the dentist for a do-over.

First-Time Patients

Some individuals who are seeking treatment as adults may never have had the option of braces. Their parents may not have been able to afford it; or maybe they didn’t see it as a need. Either way, those people are now adults who can afford to spend money on themselves. They see how their children’s lives are positively affected by dental work, and they decide that they want the same benefits.

According to Dr. Robin Foyle, a dentist and the president of the Irish Dental Association, this kind of decision is occurring more and more frequently. “Parents whose children are coming in for treatment will send the kids out and come back to you and say, ‘We need to do something about my teeth.’ ”

Professional and Personal Goals

Middle-aged folks aren’t the only ones contributing to the trend. There’s a generation of young Singaporean professionals, in the 18-35 age bracket, who are trying to better their prospects and improve their chances of success by polishing their appearance. These people want their teeth to be straighter, whiter, and more beautiful. They understand the power of a smile, and they want their first impression to be a good one, whether they are dating or interviewing for a new job.

Social Media Pressures

People’s faces and smiles are more in focus than ever, thanks to the advent of social media. Everyone is using Snapchat, Facebook, FaceTime, Instagram, and a hundred other applications and social media networks that centre on images. A great smile makes a great picture, and everyone wants that visual appeal.

Smile Makeovers in Singapore

Are you interested in boosting the power of your smile? At our Singapore dental clinic, Orchard Scotts Dental offers a variety of helpful services, including teeth whitening. We can straighten your teeth with Invisalign, use dental implants to close any large gaps, or provide porcelain veneers for severely damaged teeth. With our help, you’ll be able to smile with the best of them.

Source: Irish Examiner, Feb. 18, 2017