What is an Overbite?

An overbite is defined as the overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper teeth. This is made most obviously visible when a human bites down, and that is why this is one easy and effective way a dentist in Singapore can go about diagnosing an overbite. In a human who has a healthy bite, the top row of teeth and the bottom row of teeth will align themselves to lightly touch. In the case of a human who suffers from an overbite, however, biting down will show that the top teeth greatly overlap the bottom teeth, sometimes even by a measurement of as great as an inch.

Overbites Versus Overjets

An overbite is one of several Malocclusions that can occur within the mouth. Malocclusions is the proper term for describing a biting problem within the human mouth. Another such Malocclusion is the overjet – not to be confused with the overbite. These two very different Malocclusions are all too often confused by patients, parents, and sometimes even by dental practitioners. The differences between an overbite and an overjet are considerable indeed.

An overjet occurs when the upper incisal edge and the labial surface of the lower incisors have space between them. The overjet is, therefore, the measurement of the space between the upper incisal edge and surface of the lower incisors. An overbite is rather the way that the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth. A very simplified version of remembering the difference between an overbite and overjet is to think of an overbite as the actual act of the top teeth overlapping the bottom teeth, and the overjet as the measurement of space between where two parts of the teeth meet.

What Causes an Overbite?

Historically speaking, overbites are a rather recently developed dental problem: even just 250 years back in European history, overbites were nowhere to be seen. It is interesting to note that silverware was not used in Europe at that time- rather, people would simply cut food apart with a knife, holding it in their teeth instead of utilizing a fork. The coinciding of the beginning of widespread use of cutlery and the originating of the overbite lead some people to speculate that it is our new eating habits that have led to this particular dental Malocclusion.

Other schools of thought believe genetics to be the culprit behind the overbite. Although opinions may differ as to the reasons behind the overbite origins, everyone is in agreement that the overbite can greatly affect the sufferer.

What are the Side Effects of Having an Overbite?

When an overbite is considerably deep, the sufferer’s chin is generally recessed towards the jaw joint. This can cause headaches, pain within the joint as well as clenching and grinding of the teeth. Continuous teeth grinding can wear the teeth down and increase chances of contracting plaque and dental disease, as well as serve to make the teeth less effective at chewing and preparing food for digestion.

How Can an Overbite be Fixed?

Luckily, today’s world provides a great amount of treatments that successfully remedy the overbite. From braces to retainers to so many more options, your dentist can fix your overbite in no time at all. One great way of fixing an overbite for good is by using Invisalign in Singapore. When it comes to thinking of fixing teeth, we used to think of metal braces and plastic retainers.

Today, Invisalign provides wearers with an invisible, fuss-free way to fix their smile. Invisalign uses modern technology in order to create a set of personalized aligners that are specially customized to the patient’s teeth. The material is soft and comfortable to wear, and you only have to wear your Invisalign twenty-two hours a day. The best part? No one will even know you’re wearing your Invisalign! Thanks to the special, clear plastic crafting of this new technology, you can fix your teeth without pain, inconvenience, or even visible notability. This makes Invisalign a great alternative to braces.

How Can I Get Invisalign?

If you think Invisalign is right for you, you are in luck. Invisalign is provided by our dental clinic Orchard Scotts Dental Singapore. Orchard Scotts Dental appointed by Orchard Scotts by Align Technology Inc itself in July 2014 as your own go-to Invisalign provider.

If you’re ready to take control of your future and say goodbye to your overbite, reach out to us, and get your Invisalign today!