It All Starts With Your Smile

Our smile is the centre of our facial expressions. It conveys warmth and friendliness. Often it takes only a smile to break the ice, to start a conversation and even to diffuse a potentially tensed situation. A recent survey reveals that 61% of us have been attracted to somebody by their smile alone. Imagine your confident self. What would your smile look like?

When a person is confident, it shows in their personality. They carry themselves better. They do not have a hand over their mouth when they speak. In fact, the candidate with a better and more confident smile is 58% more likely to get the job. The effect of a nice smile is well explained in a BBC documentary: The Truth about Your Teeth.

However, only about 56% of us are not comfortable with our smile. Many patients do not know what is wrong with their smile and thus do not know where to start seeking help.

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The ABC’s of a Smile Makeover

At Orchard Scotts Dental, we classify these issues into the ABC’s of the smile. A is for alignment of the teeth. This is the most common issue that could affect your smile aversely. B is for brightness. Our teeth can turn yellow through years of aging or some could suffer from medicinal induced dark discolouration of the teeth. C is for contours of the teeth. Essentially, as we grow older, our teeth wears down more and this affects the contours of the teeth making them looks worn out and short. Sometimes, our teeth can appear odd in shape genetically.

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We Create Beautiful Smiles

Our dentists Drs Ronnie Yap and Jerry Lim have been performing smile makeovers since 2000. They were responsible for creating beautiful smiles for the Miss Universe Singapore pageant winners since 2009. This is done before they leave for the International pageant competition, ensuring they put their best smile forward when representing Singapore.

Our dentists’ strength is their ability to listen and to understand the patients’ needs, wants and fears thoroughly. Their years of experience putting smiles back on peoples’ faces have led them to be a much sought after educator to other dentists in the region. They are often invited to speak and lecture to other dentists on the science and art or creating beautiful smiles.

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