Our smile is the centre of our facial expressions. It conveys warmth and friendliness. Often it takes only a smile to break the ice, to start a conversation and even to diffuse a potentially tensed situation. A recent survey reveals that 61% of us have been attracted to somebody by their smile alone. Imagine your confident self. What would your smile look like?

When a person is confident, it shows in their personality. They carry themselves better. They do not have a hand covering their mouth when they speak. In fact, the candidate with a better and more confident smile is 18% more likely to get the job. The effect of a nice smile is well explained in a BBC documentary: The Truth about Your Teeth.

Many patients do not know what is wrong with their smile. Some have problems finding a dentist who understands their needs. Some simply don’t know where to start looking. To help you understand more about your smile, here at Orchard Scotts Dental we classify these issues into the ABC’s of the Smile.

A is for Alignment

ABC of Smile Makeover - A for Alignment

A is for alignment of the teeth. This is the most common issue that could affect your smile aversely. A crooked and uneven smile is not only less visually pleasing, it is also makes it harder to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This is because crowded and crooked teeth are harder to pass the floss through and tends to trap plaque that builds up tartar or calculus more readily. Misalignment or Malocclusion can occur from a very young age. Recent research are linking airway issues in childhood to the malocclusion development especially in the period of 6-10 years old.

Airway impedance can lead to a mouth breathing habit with poor tongue and lip posture. This can result in the the crowding of the dentition and lack of jaw bone development. Alignment problems can be solved using traditional braces treatment or with a more modern way using Invisalign – a clear aligner system that moves teeth in a comfortable way, easy to clean and without metal brackets of wires. Once your teeth are aligned, they will be neater, straighter and easier to maintain cleaner.

B for Brightness

ABC of Smile Makeover - B for Brightness

B is for brightness. Our teeth can turn yellow through years of aging or some could suffer from medicinal induced dark discolouration of the teeth. Sometimes, the colour of teeth appears yellow or dirty simply because they have accumulated a lot of plaque and stains from coffee, cigarette smoking and even from certain food produce. Discolouration can be classified into internal or external staining. Internal staining usually occurs when a tooth looses its vitality. Internal staining is usually done after root canal treatment has been performed. The discolouration is usually very deep and thus we cannot whiten from external.

External whitening is very effective for food and cigarette stains. The general yellowing of teeth can also be lightened using external whitening methods. At Orchard Scotts Dental, we have 3 levels of external whitening. Beauty White, Glamour white and Pageant white.

1. Beauty White

Beauty White is a take home whitening system that works very well with our whitening protocol for your teeth which usually takes 2 weeks or more with specially made whitening tray. The secret to take home whitening is in the making of the whitening tray.

2. Glamour White

Glamour White is a whitening protocol designed to speed up the whitening process where an in office whitening is combined with a take home whitening.

3. Pageant White

Pageant white is designed to give the beauty queen, the bride and the special someone a gorgeous white sparkling smile. See Teeth Whitening.

C for Contours

ABC of Smile Makeover - C for Contour

C is for contours of the teeth. Essentially, as we grow older, our teeth wears down and this affects the contours of the teeth making them look short. Sometimes, our teeth can appear odd shape as well. This could be genetic in nature. Teeth can also look old and odd when dentistry that was done previously have aged or broken down. There are a few ways how we can restore the contours of our teeth.

1. Bonding

Used for simple and small defects, they can restore small broken or chipped tooth with great aesthetics and contours. Composite resins have advanced tremendously in the last 10 years in terms of strength and its ability to mimic actual tooth colours and shape. It is the first line of treatment especially for patients who does not need any change in overall shape and contours. Its main usage is in enhancing the contours of the teeth.

2. Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of porcelains hand-crafted by our master technicians to alter and improve our patients’ smiles. The are made from high strength ceramic glass, designed to fit your smile and ultimately enhance your appearance significantly. Often, veneers are done concurrently with a smile makeover procedure. Using the Digital Smile Design process, we often create a digital simulation of your desired smile, we can make a template and perform a Trial Smile that we put over your teeth. This allows you to visualise, test and appreciate the impact of the smile makeover process on your smile and face. All these are usually done before the actual smile makeover procedure so that both the dentists and patient can align their aesthetic goals.

We Create Beautiful Smiles

ABC of Smile Makeover - We Create Beautiful Smiles

Our dentists have been performing smile makeovers since 2000. They were responsible for creating beautiful smiles for the Miss Universe Singapore pageant winners since 2009. This is done before they leave for the International pageant competition, ensuring they put their best smile forward when representing Singapore. This is something our dentist enjoy doing immensely. Nothing is more rewarding than to be able to contribute to creating the alluring smile for our Miss Universe Singapore to provide that extra edge at the international competition.

Our dentists strength is their ability to listen and to understand the patients’ needs, wants and fears thoroughly. Their years of experience putting smiles back on peoples’ faces have led them to be a much sought after educator to other dentists in the region. They are often invited to speak and lecture to other dentists on the science and art or creating beautiful smiles. They also run live patient courses where other dentists can learn and watch how they perform the smile makeover procedures for our patients.

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