The celebrity magic of porcelain veneers

Crisp, neat edges, perfectly straight lines, and pearly, opaque whiteness – these are the qualities you may notice the most about a celebrity’s beautiful teeth. Do they attend whitening session after whitening session at their aesthetic dental clinic? Were they just born lucky? Perhaps neither is true. Many of those dazzling smiles exist thanks to the magic of porcelain veneers.

Veneer Appeal

Veneers are a swift, easy way to go from crooked, stained, or yellowed teeth to a brilliant, camera-ready smile. One dentist in New York City, Sivan Finkel, serves the upper echelon of society. He says that everyone who are trying to his or her their career in Hollywood is definitely getting veneers now, it has become a must-have.

The Stigma of Artificiality

Some celebrities or up-and-coming stars refuse to admit to having veneers. There’s still a certain level of stigma attached to the idea of artificially enhancing one’s body, whether through plastic surgery or veneers. However, that stigma hasn’t stopped the demand for porcelain veneers from increasing dramatically over the past few decades.

Drawbacks of Old-School Veneers

In the past, veneers looked obviously fake. They were often too large, too white, or oddly shaped for the face and mouth of the person sporting them. In addition, dentists typically had to shave teeth down to mere stubs in order to install the veneers, which meant that the change was irreversible. That change also entailed a lifetime of paying for veneer replacements.

Benefits of Modern Porcelain Veneers

The porcelain veneers of today are much different. They are super-thin, tiny shells, yet they are ultra-durable, lasting for many years if they are cared for correctly. Dentists in Singapore will only have to shave off a tiny bit of the tooth enamel in order to cement the veneers in place, which means that the process may be reversible if necessary.

The appearance of porcelain veneers has improved greatly as well. While some of the cheaper versions still look blatantly artificial, most modern veneers boast a shiny finish that reflects the light as natural teeth do. The veneers are not so blindingly white that they seem odd; instead, they feature a lovely natural-looking shade of white.

An Investment in Quality

A good set of veneers implemented the right way should look natural – they should look like real teeth with similar translucency, texture and irregularity. Be wary of veneers that are offered for free or for an extremely low price. Genuine, well-crafted veneers require time, skill, training, and patience and a good aesthetic dental clinic in Singapore will charge you appropriately for a job well done.

Beyond Porcelain Veneers in Singapore

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