According to, about a fifth of British people don’t feel confident enough to show their teeth in photos. The problem isn’t just limited to the United Kingdom; in fact, there are people throughout the world who feel that their teeth just aren’t good enough to show off in a smile. It’s a problem for people in Singapore and elsewhere, because smiling broadly is key to making a good impression when you first meet someone.

Celebrity Smiles

Celebrities are a cosmetic dentist’s best friends, because they show off what can be done throughout modern dental work. For celebrities, such as movie stars and TV personalities, a perfect smile is a must-have quality.

Have you seen the selfie from the 2014 Oscars, hosted by Ellen Degeneres? There are many famous faces from Western cinema in that image, including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and of course, Ellen Degeneres herself. When you view the photo, one of the first things you notice is the number of beautiful white smiles with perfectly straight teeth. It’s a powerful photo, and not only because the people in it are famous in the United States and beyond. Part of its power comes from all those bright smiles collected in one image.

Great Smiles for Professionals

Having a great smile isn’t just for celebrities, however. Increasingly, having clean, straight, well-kept teeth is becoming a necessity for teachers, sales professionals, business men and women, journalists, CEOs, doctors, and managers.

Dr. Mark Hughes, the clinical director and founder of the Harley Street Dental Group, explains that “It is becoming more and more culturally unacceptable to have discoloured, missing and crooked teeth. Almost 50 per cent of us believe that a great smile is the most important feature in making a great first impression.”

In order for Singaporeans to make the connections and receive respect in the business world, they need to have all the necessary elements for success— and one of those elements is a winning smile. A decade ago, pristine white teeth were a rarity. Today, yellowed or crooked teeth are considered unpleasant and undesirable as more and more people invest in smile makeovers.

How to Get the Perfect Smile

Modern cosmetic dentistry in Singapore offers all kinds of ways to achieve the look you want for your teeth. At Orchard Scotts Dental, we supply porcelain veneers to cover chips or imperfections in your teeth. We use Invisalign, occasionally along with attachments or appliances, to straighten out crooked teeth, correct bite issues, and relieve crowding. We replace missing teeth or diseased teeth with dental implants that look natural and beautiful. Our Singapore dentists can clean, straighten, and whiten your teeth so that you have a gorgeous, natural smile by the end of treatment.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future, contact Orchard Scotts Dental to schedule an appointment. Your dentist in Singapore will talk to you about your wishes for your smile makeover and advise you about the best and least invasive course of treatment. Get ready to boldly show your smile and experience the world with a new level of confidence!

Source: Raconteur, 17 June 2015