An underbite is a type of dental malocclusion (also known as a dental condition) in which the lower teeth and the lower jaw protrude in front of the upper teeth and upper jaw. A patient who suffers from an underbite will experience his bottom teeth overlapping his top teeth when he bites down.

What are the Causes of an Underbite?

There are many different reasons that an underbite can be caused to develop. One such cause of an underbite is simply genetics – the presence of an underbite may simply be something that is hereditary. Another common cause of the presence of an underbite is prolonged thumb sucking. The sucking of the thumb for the span of many years can successfully cause the jaw to grow differently than it is meant to, which can lead to the presence of an underbite.

Other poor dental habits can also be the cause of the presence of an underbite: pushing of the tongue against the teeth excessively and repetitively can also influence the way in which the jaws grow; extended use of a soother or a bottle are similar in their influence to the jaw as is the sucking of a thumb, and can both also affect jaw growth and thereby cause an underbite.

How is an Underbite Diagnosed?

If you think you or your child may be experiencing an underbite, it is best to make an appointment with your a dentist in Singapore. By examining the teeth, the jaw, and the alignment of the teeth when you bite down, your dentist will be able to easily discern whether or not you are suffering from an underbite.

How does an Underbite Affect the Patient?

The presence of an underbite can negatively affect a patient’s chewing, and thereby cause strain in the teeth and jaw muscles. On the less severe side, this straining can lead to headaches & TMJ, mouth aches, and jaw aches. The presence of an underbite may also cause the patient to experience a wearing down of enamel that can lead to tooth decay. On the more severe side, an underbite can effectively cause the wearing down of the actual jaw joint itself, leading to a host of issues including arthritis and extreme and chronic pain.

What are the Treatment Options for an Underbite?

Luckily, today’s world offers many different options for remedying an underbite. The most commonly used treatment for an underbite is braces, but many patients prefer retainers, expanders, and other custom-made appliances.

If the underbite is caused by the teeth and not by a jaw issue, Invisalign can be a fantastic treatment option. Invisalign is a type of strong plastic that is specially molded to fit over your teeth. It is easy to wear, easy to clean, painless, and best of all, invisible! Align Technology Inc appointed Orchard Scotts Dental an Invisalign Dedicated Clinic in 2014; that means that we at Orchard Scotts Dental Singapore can provide you with top of the line Invisalign technology.

If you are experiencing a more severe case of an underbite that is caused by a jaw problem, and Invisalign is not an option, we will absolutely work with you in order to create a customized, holistic treatment plan that will fix your underbite issue.