Why Aesthetic Dentistry Is

Aesthetic dentistry involves science and significant amounts of math as well; but did you know that your cosmetic dentist in Singapore is also an artist? Smile design is about more than physics and medical considerations. As the creator of your new smile, your dentist has to have a sense of beauty and balance.

No Textbook Cases

Dentists in Singapore, like those at Orchard Scotts Dental, study and train for years before they can practice effective cosmetic dentistry. Those years of training and practise are especially essential because no human is a perfect textbook case. Every mouth and every face are different. A smile that may look beautiful and perfect in one face might appear wrong or out of balance on a different face.

Facial Structure

When your dentist begins planning your smile makeover, he looks at your mouth and face in person and studies X-rays and photos until he understands your underlying bone structure and facial symmetry. Then he can proceed to determine what an ideal smile might look like for your face, and how it could be achieved by working with your natural teeth in a non-invasive way.

Harmony and Symmetry

According to various studies, human beings like smiles that involve symmetry and balance. The ideal smile includes symmetrical lips, shows predominantly the top teeth to best advantage, and reveals a minimal amount of the gums. A shorter upper lip is preferred. Our lips frame the smile and its length can influence the overall smile. Your perfect smile has nicely aligned white teeth, with the line between the top two front teeth coinciding with the midline of the face.

The Beauty of Individuality

The ideal human smile is one that is well aligned, symmetrical and balanced. However, there are well-known personalities who sport quirky smiles that aren’t symmetrical, but are still viewed as sexy or adorable. Natalie Dormer, star of the hit TV show Game of Thrones, is well-known for her signature lopsided smirk. Katie Holmes, Will Arnett, Lorde, and Dermot Mulroney are just a few celebrities who have a trademark quirky smile.

With the right aesthetic dentist, you can sport a smile that’s as unique as you are, while still showing off a set of beautiful, healthy teeth. Your cosmetic dentist isn’t there just to do invasive work on your mouth or face, but to highlight and enhance your smile’s natural beauty.

A Blend of Skill, Science, and Artistry

It takes a real artist to have a vision for your smile makeover and bring it into reality using math, science, and medicine. The dentists at Orchard Scotts Dental have years of experience using their blend of art and science to create star-quality smiles. With technology like Invisalign clear aligners to correct teeth, and with the right whitening treatments and modern veneer options, the team at our dental clinic in Singapore can create a signature smile for you.

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