One of the biggest drawbacks to orthodontia is the pain involved. Some patients balk at the idea of enduring pain and discomfort for weeks or months, just to have a beautiful smile. Even those who go through with treatment wish that there was a way to fix their teeth while avoiding the pain completely. According to the results of a clinical trial at the UAB School of Dentistry, a pain-free approach to orthodontics may be on the horizon.

A Test Subject

Undine Davis studies at UAB as a dental student. She decided to ask about options for her bottom teeth, which were too crowded. The researchers told her that she would be an ideal candidate for the new study, which investigates a pain-free way to move teeth into new positions.

Dr. Chung H. Kau, one of the study leaders, explains the procedure in its most basic form. “We use a series of pulsed air pressures to move the teeth to that final alignment,” he says. “The beauty about this particular product is we don’t have to use it all the time; you use it for a minimum of ten hours a day.”

Undine Davis said that the researchers created a tray to fit her teeth, much like an Invisalign tray. Inserted in the tray is a tiny balloon, which emits air pulses to gently push the teeth. “I don’t feel anything at all,” says Davis. “Little pulses of the balloon inflating against my teeth, but there’s no dramatic trauma or shifting that I can feel.”

A Pain Comparison

Palate-expanding appliances, metal braces, and wires are well-known for their painful effects on the patient’s inner cheeks, gums, and teeth. Invisalign trays involve some pain and soreness for the first couple of days after each new tray is inserted, but the pain usually subsides quickly and is easily managed with medication. Currently, Invisalign is the least painful option for people who are interested in fixing their teeth.

However, with the Aerodentis system, no pain is involved at all. The tray remains the same throughout treatment; only the pressure changes depending on how the dentist wants to move the teeth. According to Dr. Kau, the clinical trial will last for 15 months, although some patients will finish their treatment long before that time.

Future Possibilities

Right now, the pain-free system is not yet approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, nor is it available in Singapore. However, if further testing goes well, the new option may become mainstream.

Modern Dental Solutions

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Source: ABC News, March 13, 2017