What is Teeth Crowding?

Teeth crowding is a dental issue that occurs when there is not enough space within the patient’s jaw for all of the patient’s teeth to fit healthily and normally. In some cases, crowding can lead to teeth becoming overlapped, angled, and/or displaced. 

What Causes Teeth Crowding?

There are many different factors and situations that can cause the teeth to become crowded. One very common cause of teeth crowding is the presence of an inharmonious relationship between the size of a patient’s jaw and the size of a patient’s teeth. If a patient’s teeth or too large in relativity to the size of the patient’s jaw, then teeth crowding is very likely to occur.

How Is Teeth Crowding Diagnosed?

If you suspect that you may be suffering from teeth crowding, it is best to book an appointment with your local dentist as promptly as possible. A good dentist can easily inspect a patient’s mouth, examine a patient’s bite, and quickly discern whether or not the dental malocclusion of teeth crowding is present within the patient’s mouth. That’s right – all it takes to diagnose a teeth crowding problem is one simple, quick visit to your local dentist.

What are the Side Effects of Teeth Crowding?

Patients who are suffering from teeth crowding can experience a host of uncomfortable side effects. Teeth crowding can lead to an increased risk of contracting gum disease, and can also instigate dental decay. Crowded teeth are also very difficult to clean properly and thoroughly, which can lead to poor mouth hygiene and further dental health issues. Teeth crowding can also affect a patient’s confidence – people who suffer from this particular dental problem are often very hesitant about showing their teeth, and smiling in public. Finally, having crowded teeth makes it very hard for a patient to properly chew their food.

How Can Teeth Crowding Be Prevented?

Prolonged thumb sucking can increase the likeliness of a person experiencing teeth crowding. However, severe cases of teeth crowding are namely genetic, and therefore, are not really able to be prevented.

How Can Teeth Crowding Be Remedied?

There are many ways to right the problem of teeth crowding. Lots of patients prefer to opt for braces or a retainers in order to straighten their teeth. For less severe cases of teeth crowding, Invisalign in Singapore is a fantastic remedial option. Orchard Scotts Dental Singapore was appointed by Align Technology Inc in July 2014 as an Invisalign dedicated dental clinic in Singapore, and since then, we have been improving the dental health and confidence of many patients by making Invisalign technology available to them. If your case of teeth crowding is particularly severe, we will work to create a solution for you that is specially designed to best suit your life.