What is an Open Bite?

An open bite is a dental issue where the upper incisor crowns do not overlap the lower incisor crowns when the patient bites down. The issue can range from a point where the edges of the upper and lower incisors are in contact, to a point where only the molars are in contact when a patient bites down.

What are the Causes of an Open Bite?

There are a variety of factors that can lead a patient to develop an open bite. The occurrence of an open bite can be a simple genetic inheritance. Many bad habits like thrusting of the tongue or thumb-sucking can also alter the position of the teeth and thrust the incisors forward, creating an open bite. Another reason that an open bite could develop is the presence of a temporomandibular joint disorder. The TMJ is the jaw joint, and if a jaw joint disorder is present, it can cause a patient to be in much pain, which leads him or her to push his teeth apart with his or her tongue in order to achieve a mouth position that makes him or her feel more comfortable.

How is an Open Bite Diagnosed?

An open bite can be easily and quickly diagnosed by any professional dentist. The dentist will ask the patient to bite down, and then examine the alignment of the teeth after the patient has bitten down. If the dentist observes that the upper incisor crowns are not overlapping the lower incisor crowns, he or she will diagnose the patient with an open bite.

What are the Side Effects of an Open Bite?

A patient who has an open bite can be subject to unfortunate and painful side effects, especially if the open bite is a direct result of a TMJ disorder. Open bites, then, can cause a patient to experience headaches, jaw pain, mouth pain, and increased teeth sensitivity. If you think you may be suffering from an open bite, it is best to promptly seek out an appointment with your local dentist, in order that you may remedy the problem before it progresses and causes you even more pain and discomfort.

How can an Open Bite be Prevented?

If an open bite is caused by a patient’s bad habit- like sucking of the thumb, or thrusting forward of the tongue against the teeth- then the open bite can be prevented by the patient’s working to stop perpetuating this bad habit.

How can an Open Bite be Treated?

Luckily, there are a wide variety of different options for treating an open bite. Many patients suffering from an open bite choose to remedy the issue by opting for braces or a retainer. One great option for dealing with less severe cases of open bite is getting Invisalign aligners in Singapore. Invisalign is a fantastic, top of the line technology that takes special plastic and moulds it to perfectly fit an individual’s teeth.

In 2014, Align Technology Inc appointed our dental clinic, Orchard Scotts Dental Singapore, an Invisalign Dedicated Clinic in Singapore; Orchard Scotts Dental can provide Invisalign to any interested patients. If you require a specially made plan, our clinic will also work to create a holistic, noninvasive approach that is perfectly catered to you, your lifestyle, and your teeth.